To me creating great user experiences means ones that are: intuitive, contextual, effective, personalized, and most importantly satisfying and rewarding.

Products, individually cannot reach their full potential until we fully integrate UX into the design process and design with users first. If you want your product to be the best in your segment and you’re serious about UX then let’s talk.


Operating in Tokyo, Japan and Vancouver, Canada I am a highly passionate, dedicated individual, who realizes and understands the value of customers. I am constantly thinking about UX and how to improve things. 

I love meeting new people and taking on new challengesーI'm always looking for my next UX adventure. Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact me anytime.

Specializing in mobile and the web, I am one of the few bilingual (English and Japanese) foreign UX Designers living in Japan. I offer singular expertise in terms of being the only one with the above qualifications combined with more than ten years of specialization in a variety of industries.


I carry a rich experience of educating teams on understanding and driving cultural change for UX--whether that be with a team of a few or an organization several thousand strong.